Venturefest East Midlands


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Following months of pitch training 10 successful companies have now been selected for the final of Pitchfest at Venturefest East Midlands. The competition, run alongside KTN who have provided pitch training to applicants, will see these companies pitching live from the Main Stage at Venturefest East Midlands on 22 March at Derby Arena in a bid to win a business support package worth £10,000.

Read all about our finalists below:


3D Technologies is a UK based technology company developing a revolutionary handheld measuring tool using inertial motion sensors.

The business is developing a range of accessories for smartphones that, in combination with our app, enable a smartphone to become an accurate 3-dimension (3D) measuring device and an alternative to traditional measurement tools, such as a tape measure, spirit level or set-square.

We are currently raising investment to move the products from development status to production and product launch.


Ballzooka football training aide – Professional grade fun to help perfect your aiming, develop your passing and fine tune your touch.


Crop Intellect Ltd was formed in 2011 to provide innovations in agriculture. We are a research and development company with extensive experience in developing agricultural technologies. Our strong links with academia, research institutes and industry provide a unique opportunity for access to required expertise and facilities for success.

We also offer state of the art agricultural products based on innovations and in house developed technologies. We have an impressive track record on developing existing products with the form of additives to offer a competitive advantage to your products. Our service also includes field and greenhouse efficacy trials to GEP standards and the management of product registration.

Our mission is to make a positive impact to the world’s agricultural sustainability for a secure future using innovations that are out of the ordinary.


Dynamic Flow Technologies Limited was formed in 2009 at the Loughborough Innovation Centre, we saw a need in the water industry for an effective low-cost wastewater meter. In just six years we have grown our company with c£1.4m investment from companies and individuals who saw the opportunity for a wastewater meter. These include: Elster Meters, Wessex Water, the Technology Strategy Board (Innovate (UK)) and the Board of Directors . Our technology is IPR protected, the UK patent was granted in September 2014 and the US patent was granted in September 2016. We hope that our technology can be at the forefront of wastewater metering for many years.


Sava Showers™ – changing the way we shower.

Electronicon have developed the truly amazing hybrid shower system, the Sava Shower™. With over 8 years of development, the Sava Shower™ can reduce the energy and water used to have a shower by up to 90% giving major Environmental, Social and Financial benefits.

Simple installation, it fits under the shower tray. Can run as a Conventional shower or as a Sava Shower™ at the press of a button. It can be fitted to a hot water system, an electric shower, retro fitted or as a standalone system

Patents granted in 46 Countries water



GenGame Ltd is a games technology startup that drive consumer engagement with energy. 

Our first product is ‘The GenGame’: an energy-themed mobile game that encourages players to reduce their home electricity use at certain times of day, such as at peak time, or when the wind stops blowing. 


Inflight Music Services offers music royalty collection through a user-friendly website


ParkRobo aim to be a single app for all parking needs of a car driver, right from locating an available parking place, pay and exit parking without hassles. The main aim is to offer seamless user experience to its users across multiple car parks.


SimPlay Studio aims to use gamification to accelerate and enhance learning experience for construction management. By simulating work operational in 3D, the player acts as a manager to plan and solve the problems strategically.

This allows the player to take control of the site in virtual working environment. The simulation technique, is based on knowledge-based resource modelling derived from a research within the University of Nottingham.

With game interaction, the users can understand the ranges of planning aspects and study the consequence of planning execution through different scenarios.


Weather Logistics is a software development company. Supported through Nottingham’s UK Space Agency business incubator, it specialises in the climate economy through seasonal forecasting. To achieve this, the company uses an in-house algorithm to produce detailed advisories of the expected extreme weather conditions to within a few kilometres and at 1 to 5 month timescales. The goal is to increase awareness and resilience to the impacts of near-term climate variability. Its vision is a future of food and energy security, both in the UK and for vulnerable communities across the globe.